Recently Completed Basement - Hampstead

Take a look at the recent transformation we completed for Richard's Hampstead home. Their new basement features a children's playroom, deluxe wash facilities, a sauna, shower rooms, a boxing gym, a cinema and VR area, a utility room, a bedroom, and a utility room.

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Testimonial - Michelle - Recently Completed Basement - Muswell Hill

Michelle from Muswell Hill shares her experience. Learn how Michelle future-proofed her and her family's new home into their "forever house", creating the space for their new family. Complete with: a separate apartment for their au pair with a separate entrance, plus separate facilities for their family to enjoy, such as a gym, shower room, and more.

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Welcome to Basement Master's gallery page. The following images are made up of a small sample of basement solutions we have recently carried out. More projects will be added to this page in the coming months. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on:  020 8443 7099

PR SP3 1975
PR SP3 1987
PR SP3 2002
PR SP3 2008
PR SP3 2015
PR SP3 2039
PR SP3 2042
PR SP3 2049
PR SP3 2050
PR SP3 2053
PR SP3 2058
PR SP3 1987
PR SP3 1990
PR SP3 1991
PR SP3 2014RT
PR SP3 2016
PR SP3 2020
PR SP3 2021

PR SP3 1878
PR SP3 1887
PR SP3 1903
PR SP3 1914
PR SP3 1937
PR SP3 1920
PR SP3 1895
PR SP3 1905
PR SP3 1915
PR SP3 1918
PR SP3 1927
PR SP3 1935

basement gym london PR-SP3
basement gym london PR-SP3
Basement Childrens Playroom London PR-SP3
Basement Childrens Playroom London PR-SP3
Basement Bucket Shower Room London PR-SP3
Basement Sauna Room London PR-SP3
Basement Sauna Room London PR-SP3
Basement Staircase London PR-SP3
Basement External Stairway London PR-SP3
Basement Inside Stairway London PR-SP3
Basement Double Bedroom London PR-SP3
Basement Living Area London PR-SP3
Basement Washroom London PR SP3
Basement Garage London PR-SP3
Basement House Exterior London PR-SP3
PR-SP3 4004RTa
HR-SP3 4046 1RT
HR-SP3 4049 1RT
-ASP3 B2869RT
-ASP3 C2862RT
PR SP3 4552RTaD
PR SP3 4561RTD
PR SP3 4597RTD
PR SP3 4614RTD
PR SP3 4638RTaD
PR SP3 4650RTD
PR SP3 4664RTbD
PR SP3 5 4654RTa
PRSP3 9647RT
SP3 2918RT
SP3 2928RT
PR 3 SP3 4582RTD
PR SP3 4570RTcD
PR SP3 4586RTD



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