The Process

  • 1. Initial Process
    • Initial Discussion - To establish feasibility and possibly an indicative budget cost.
    • Appointment - At your proposed site.
    • Quotation/Contract Offer – sent within 7-10 working days.
    • Offer Acceptance – a full comprehensive survey carried out, full set of planning approval drawings.
    • Plans Submitted – The Local Authority should make their decision within 8 weeks however, this could take longer.
    • Exploratory Tests & Trials – The information complied is used in the structural design.
    • Preparation of Full Set of Building Regulation Drawings – along with structural details, specifications and calculations.
    • Appoint Party Wall Surveyor – this time could vary immensely.  If required details and package are fully prepared this could speed up the process
    • Set Start Date – once all preliminary and legal work is complete.
    • Pre-commencement Meeting – this is fundamental to the success of the whole project.
    • Commencement on Site – We secure the site and make it safe before any construction work is carried out.


  • 2. Construction Process
    Week 1     

    Erect independent hoarding and access area.

    Provide temporary weather-proofing and supports.

    Supply external washroom facilities.

    Supply temporary electrics.

    Week 2 - 8 

    Commence excavation and underpinning.Install any below slab concrete padstones.

    Week 9-11 Excavate the bulk of soil and dispose of accordingly. 
    Week 12-13 

    Cut into existing brickwork.

    Prepare to receive structural steel bearing spreader plates/concrete padstones.

    Install heaving duty steel beams and universal beams.

    Week 14 

    Create new reinforced basement floor slab incorporating sump and drainage system.

    Week 15-16

    Supply and fix a cavity drain waterproofing system.

    Week 17-22 

    Construction and formation of external light wells.

    Install Cat ladder in light well.

    Metal stud dry line around external wall perimeter.

    Cavity to be filled with quilted installation.

    Internal partitions to be formed.

    New suspended ceiling to be constructed.

    All first and second fix electrics and plumbing.

    Week 23-27

    Seal existing doorways.

    Install new stairwell.

    Close tread softwood string staircase.Complete all second fixing (including electrics, plumbing, skirting, doors and architraves).

    Week 28

    Arrange Building Control Final Inspection to approve works.

    Clear site and handover job.




  • 3. Completion Process
    • Inspection – Final inspection carried out.
    • Certificates Issued – Membrane, Structural Waterproofing, Electrical and Gas Certificates.
    • Servicing – Basement Pump Service.