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Basement Masters offer the full comprehensive package of services that you would most likely to require when installing a basement.

New build: prior to main construction.

Retrofit: under existing building where there is currently no basement, or a cellar may exist in part.

Additional Services: In addition to New Build and Retro complete basement solutions we also offer the following services, as listed below:

Free survey and Quotation

We assess the feasibility and budget cost of your basement.


We have both architects and engineers in our team with great experience, knowledge and expertise to aid the design and ease the anxiety.

Types of basement work

All works for both domestic and commercial markets.

Waterproofing & leak sealing

Cavity drain membrane with sumps and pumps are generally used in most of our basement projects. However, waterproof concrete and other tanking systems may be employed.

Underpinning & Piling

Traditional underpinning is commonly used in most of our retrofit basements. However, piling is often used in pre-basement construction prior to the formation of the basement.

Drainage and Pumping

Most basements are below the invert levels of the drainage system for both surface water and foul systems. We employ sophisticated pumping systems such as both computerised and telemetry back up systems.

Reinforced concrete & Masonry

Is the common material to form most of our basements being the ideal material as it is very strong, robust and durable and can also be waterproof.

Soil/ground surveys

Geotechnical and hydrotechnical surveys are normally carried out to establish ground conditions prior to designing our basements.

General Building

All general building works and trades would normally be incorporated in the finishing of our basement works.

Basement Pump Service

We offer a maintenance service for the pump systems we install.