Create Your Home Office With A Basement Conversion

Home office or study area basement conversion
Home office or study area basement conversion

The Benefits of Having a Basement Office Conversion

There are many benefits of having a basement conversion, particularly for those starting a new business, or rethinking an existing business to achieve a better work-life balance. In the long term you will be making ongoing cost savings with things such as; a commercial lease, monthly rent, business rates, additional phone lines and internet fees, sperate heating and other utility bills. And with a basement, you will be adding substantial value to your property too.

As a workaround, you may be tempted to use a spare room in your home, but not so ideal if you intend to grow your business. Also, if you have a family it is seldom achievable to get the privacy and space you truly need. With a basement conversion, you will be able to take your business to a whole new level, literally:-) And your business can even have its own front door, so you can hold meetings and receive deliveries without the need to allow access to your private living space.

Travel: a big plus is eliminating the need to commute. This will provide big savings in terms of petrol, car wear and tear, and above all, TIME. Time spent travelling is wasted earning time. The roads today are becoming more and more congested and cannot always be relied upon, with road closures and traffic jams becoming ever more frequent a basement conversion can provide the ideal solution.

A Great Example:

There is another solution!  By using the space beneath your feet you can create a bespoke home work place.  A recent conversion that we worked on for a professional couple who both wished to work from home is a great example of what we can achieve.  Rachel needed a new consultancy room with a separate entrance directly into the basement, offering a waiting area for clients.  Stephen needed an office to work from, and there was enough space for us to also create a new utility and storage area, as well as a beautiful new en-suite bedroom.

The level of the rear garden was reduced for a few meters beyond the back of the house to form a lower patio, with central stairs up onto the garden, with double glazed French doors in the rear wall of the basement, allowing for a lot of light into the consultancy room, from the southerly facing garden.

A concern that Rachel and Stephen had was sound proofing, as they were using part of the basement conversion for work, the noise from the rest of the family home would need to be thought about.  Restricting the noise transfer from ground to basement is something that we are exceptionally good at, we were able to attend to this concern and create a wonderful, and peaceful space!

This shows how flexible a basement conversion can be, you can achieve several objectives with one space, with our careful planning and consideration.

We are one of London’s Leading Basement Specialists

We have been established since 2004 and have been involved with hundreds of basement construction projects in both new and retrofit basements. With our many years of experience and expertise, in both the design and the construction of basements.

Our Team of dedicated construction professionals have acquired many industry qualifications, along with decades of experience specialising within the basement sector. Our combined skills and experience can be called upon to help deliver the most challenging of projects.  

We offer the perfect one stop shop for your proposed new basement. Our in house team can take care of all the requirements, which include, architectural design, structural and geotechnical engineering and design, construction of the reinforced concrete shell, Structural steels works along with the waterproofing design and installation. Right through to quality finishes in the fit out.

Most properties can be converted and very careful consideration is given to ensure that your basement conversion is carried out to a high standard that will enhance and compliment your existing property.

We pride ourselves in the production of imaginative and practical designs to  both expand and enhance your living space. Whether your house is terraced, semi or detached or perhaps a ground floor flat we will be able to assist you.

All Basement Masters basement conversions come with s 10 years Basement Masters insurance backed warranty. We are  accredited members of a number of trade federations, i.e. Federation of Masters Builders, British Structural Waterproofing Association, Basement Waterproofing Association. Approved Delta Installers and many more.

So, if you are considering changing the way that you work, and need a home office of any kind, we would be delighted to come and visit your home and offer you some inspiration! 

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