Don’t Move House…Extend Your London Home with a Basement Conversion

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London property basement conversion

Are you finding that with your growing family you simply need more space?  Maybe you love your home, the location, close to the school etc., but your family is growing.  London property prices continue to rise, as does the cost of moving.  You have removal fees, solicitor’s fees, the dreaded stamp duty and many more expenses.  On top of all of these expenses is the redecoration of your new home, putting your “stamp” on it etc.  Many property owners in London with families are finding the need for more space an increasing problem. Read more >

Need More Space but Don't Want to Move Home?

There is a solution!  Even if you have extended into the loft, maybe made your kitchen a little larger out the back, or even added a conservatory, you can still add more space to your home.   Consider the space beneath your feet.  The growing trend in home improvement in London is the basement conversion.  The beauty of a basement conversion is that you do not need to have an existing basement or cellar to begin with.  We can build your basement for you in what is termed as a “retrospective basement conversion”.

Want Even More Space?

Did you know, you can even utilise the space beneath your garden! In some cases, this means you could virtually double the size of your home just by going one level deep, thus expanding the possibilities further still. If you were finding it hard to decide whether to use the extra space for an office or extra living space, now you can have both:-)

With our twenty years’ experience, and expertise in basement conversion, knowledge of planning rules and regulations and our attention to detail in areas such as lighting and waterproofing, we can create the additional space that you and your family need!

Families in London are choosing to add playrooms, work from home space, additional bathrooms and bedrooms, home cinema spaces and gyms, all using the untapped potential of the space beneath their feet.

The investment in your London property can ensure that you and your family stay in the home that you love and also substantially increase the value of your home.

Imagine a large family space, with kitchen, dining area and space for the family to relax together, in addition to a separate area devoted just to the children.  A place for toys and games, crafts and other noisy, messy activities, meaning that your lounge is a calm haven of tranquillity!

The possibilities are endless!  We work with clients from the very start with the planning and design process, and see the project through to the end.  The disruption to your life is minimal.  We erect smart hoarding outside your property, with no need to come into your home as all the work is going on beneath you!

The Value Added to Your Home can be Significant

Not only will your home's personal value to you increase, it will also increase in value as an investment. You may even be able to tap into this increased value by releasing the equity. Also, if you live in an area where property prices are very high, the cost of your basement will be more or less the same. This could mean significant gains for many, particularly those living in London.

Take the Next Step

If you are a property owner in London, and need more space for your growing family, consider a basement conversion, why not call us for an informal chat: 020 8443 7099 or  arrange a quotation at your property. You can also request a quotation by clicking on the following link:

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