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Dear Eric, I have often read other peoples testimonials and thought them to be a little O.T.T. Well, at the risk of sounding a little OTT myself, I feel it necessary to both thank you and your men, plus share some of the very positive experiences that we went through with you and your company.

Making the right choice as to which company to select to carry out our project was not an easy one and in the end we chose yourself because of the friendly, knowledgeable and caring approach which you showed. Your price in comparison to the others we obtained was not the cheapest, but it did seem that you had been more comprehensive than the others in compiling a specification, so we judged your quotation to be reasonably priced

We can forgive you for rescheduling the start date back one week, with a little more than a week before we were due to start, because I think this was the only time that you, or any of the crew, gave us cause for concern. The quality of the work was very good and the manner in which your crews set about getting it done was also very pleasing, good clean tidy work with care and respect shown for our home.

With a happy and positive approach your Staff was in constant touch, checking all was to my satisfaction and there were no concerns or problems. Any such matters were always reliably dealt with. The: we can do attitude, no problem approach, that seems to be ingrained in all your staff is phenomenal, it greatly helped in what could have been a highly stressful time, especially as you know I was expecting the birth of, Jack, our third child.

I thank you Glen, Mario, and all the Crew for a job well done and am absolutely certain that we did make the right choice when selecting your company.

We wish you all great success and would be only too pleased to recommend this wonderful service, in fact, we would be willing to allow any potential clients to view should they wish.

Mrs. Hodgson, Primrose Hill