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Testimonial - Mrs. Hodgson

Dear Eric, I have often read other peoples testimonials and thought them to be a little O.T.T. Well, at the risk of sounding a little OTT myself, I feel it necessary to both thank you and your men, plus share some of the very positive experiences that we went through with you and your company.

Making the right choice as to which company to select to carry out our project was not an easy one and in the end we chose yourself because of the friendly, knowledgeable and caring approach which you showed. Your price in comparison to the others we obtained was not the cheapest, but it did seem that you had been more comprehensive than the others in compiling a specification, so we judged your quotation to be reasonably priced...

Mrs. Hodgson, Primrose Hill

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Testimonial - Mr. & Mrs. Legg

Dear Eric, Just a few lines to thank you and your staff for the efficient and caring way in which you carried out the installation of a basement at our property. We must admit that there was a great deal of trepidation on our part at the thought of the upheaval and mess that this sort of work would involve, but your workmen tried to keep this to a minimum and we were very happy with the finished product....

Mr. & Mrs. Legg, Hampstead

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